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We launched in 1995 as a response to our new and growing sports web sites needs. We avoid trending and stick with solid technologies (usually open standards) once they mature. Our goal is to slowly expand business and take jobs that will give us a long term customer that is happy. We only want happy clients so we only take jobs that we know will end in success.

  • Consultation
  • This is a free service that is offered to new or potentially new clients. If a situation occurs where our consultant services are needed on a long term basis, we can provide that service for a competitive fee.

  • Application Systems Design
  • If you need a custom application system designed, we'd be glad to talk about it. You'll find our work to be exemplary. For some small businesses, we can be the IT staff you need without the full time cost.

  • Commercial Designs
  • We offer a wide range of design from simple pages to very impressive commercial designs. Visit our Designs page for some examples.

  • Programming, Databases, Flash, Animations, Graphics/Multimedia, Technical Writing, Interactive Applications

  • We can build rock solid application programs in various languages, set up business or private databases with friendly interfaces, create beautiful flash/animation/banners/logos and other graphics, give your web site a professional feel and build custom interactive guestbooks, forums, blogs and news application. Just write us for more details.