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About Superfusion Designs:

The best way to communicate what we offer is to describe a typical design and hosting process. This will be a high level overview of the steps needed to make the magic happen:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Send us an Email, we'll exchange information and begin determining what you need. This can take place via Email or phone or face-to-face. This of course is a no cost consultation. You can use this simple Email form to contact us: Mail Superfusion Staff.

  • Discovery and Prototyping
  • After the initial consultation, we'll have some idea of what you want and you can look at some possible templates, offer up your vision and/or we can create our design. Regardless, the goal will be to have you view this prototype so we can find out if we've interpreted your needs correctly. This can take place for the simple cost of $10 we charge secure a domain name for your project.

  • Elaboration and Detail
  • At this point we've found out what you want, put something together that has us headed in the right direction. We'll give you a cost estimate based on a number of factors and you can decide whether or not you want to go ahead with the project. Check out our Rates page for details on costs. Or just ask us up front (during initial consultation) and we'll provide you will a "ballpark" figure.